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What is Quora Poe and how do you use it?

The social question-and-answer website, Quora, has a new AI tool that will help answer questions, write code for you, or just hang out and chat. It’s called Poe, but it has a few different personalities you can select from, including ChatGPT, and Quora’s own general knowledge bot, called Sage. That’s not all, though, and each of them has different expertise, having trained on different data.

Here are the ins and outs of Quora’s Sage and other bots, and how you can make the most of them.

Quors Sage AI chatbot.

What is Quora Poe?

Quora’s Poe is a chatbot service that gives users the ability to chat with a range of chatbots developed by different companies. They include well-known chatbots like ChatGPT, and in a limited capacity, the newer GPT-4 language model version of ChatGPT. It also includes chatbots developed by another American AI startup, Anthropic, including its Claude+ model.

You can ask each of them questions, have them write code for you, give you advice, or do anything else that you can do with modern chatbots. The models that are available elsewhere, like ChatGPT, have the same features and limitations as they do on other sites and services. However, the ability to select between different chatbots does make Quora’s Poe service one of the more fully-featured AI offerings online.

You only get a few messages per day with the more advanced chatbots, though. For full, unrestricted access to Claude+ and GPT-4, you’ll need to sign up for a Poe subscription through the iOS app, or through the official website. It’s priced at $20 a month, or $200 for the year. You also get a free seven-day trial if you signup.

Subscribers get 600 GPT-4 messages and 1,000 Claude+ messages a month. After that, response times and accuracy can be worse, depending on how busy the service is.

Quora's Claude+ bot not knowing itself.
They aren’t entirely self-aware, yet.

What are the differences between Quora Sage and other chatbots?

Unlike most other chatbots, Quora’s Poe service has a range of different personalities to select from. They all work in a similar fashion, but they have different expertise and are designed to help with different tasks.

  • Sage is a general knowledge chatbot that was trained on a lot of text and code data, making it a great tool for answering general knowledge questions or helping with simple code and scripts. Its data is limited to 2021, like ChatGPT, and is based on the older, GPT-3 language model.
  • ChatGPT is the same version of ChatGPT you can find on the OpenAI website. It’s based on the GPT-3.5 language model, so is slightly more advanced than Sage, but while it can answer questions, it was designed more for conversation. It cannot search the internet and its knowledge is limited to 2021.
  • GPT-4 is a more advanced version of ChatGPT based on the newer GPT-4 language model. This lets it understand images, answer more complicated questions, and avoid morally and legally questionable responses more easily. It is, however, limited in its responses unless you are a Poe subscriber.
  • Dragonfly is a chatbot based on Google’s Transformer language model, and it is aimed more at creative writing than factual questions and answers. That makes it great for helping with ideas for writing stories, music, or code, as well as emails and letters. It isn’t trained on as much data as ChatGPT, Sage, or GPT-4, though, so it can be more repetitive in its replies.
  • Claude+ is the most advanced version of Anthropic large language model AI and is competitive with GPT-4 in its ability to comprehend a question and provide a natural language response. It’s considered by some to be better at understanding questions and responding to them, but it has weaker creative text generation abilities than GPT-4.
  • Claude Instant is a much faster version of the Claude chatbot that is designed to work as a custom assistant, or support bot. It is designed to be readily available 24/7 and could be used by companies to augment their existing support system.
  • NeevaAI is developed by former Google executive Sridhar Ramaswamy and is designed to make your web searches more nuanced and easy to understand. It is trained on a large dataset, much like ChatGPT and GPT-4, though the precise size isn’t publicly available. It’s considered to be better at understanding your question than even GPT-4. It isn’t as good at text generation or creative writing, though.

How do you use Quora Poe?

All you need to do to use Quora Poe is to visit the Poe website and make an account — or log in with your existing one. Alternatively, you can download the Poe app from the iOS App Store. An Android version of Poe is not currently available but should be accessible later this year.

Then select one of the chatbots from the left-hand menu that you want to talk to, and type out your query. It will then give you a response relatively quickly — some chatbots faster than others. With the more limited chatbots, you can then continue chatting to them as long as you like, though response times and accuracy may differ depending on how busy the service is at that time.

You can have free access to all the chatbots with the Poe website or app, but if you want more messages or greater access to the more advanced chatbots, you’ll need a Poe subscription.

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