Windows 10 build 10568 leaked while build 10575 hits internal Fast Ring

As exciting as it must feel to be part of Microsoft’s “Fast Ring” of early Windows testers, some of whom are at this moment getting the first taste of Windows 10’s build 10575, it’s not the only way to try out some early release OS features. A leak of the further-advanced build 10568 has ended up in the hands of a curious few, giving us a look at what’s in store in the coming updates.

The announcement of the upcoming 10575 update, which is currently doing the rounds in the outermost rings of Microsoft’s internal testers before being released to the Insider Program, came from the head of all Insiders, Gabriel Aul. He informed an eager fan that indeed 10575 was going through Fast Ring testing as we speak.

He also let another interested user know that a new build for Windows 10 mobile is in the works, though he wasn’t forthcoming about its status.

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Of course the more exciting news comes from the leaked 10568 build which showed up over the weekend. While the changes aren’t monumental, they are noticeable, with updates to icons and themes, darkening of the title bar for messaging and an added Skype Toast Notification for audio and video calls (as per WinBeta).

Dark Mode has also been updated, to make bars and titles work more effectively, with text correctly set to white in many more areas than it did before, making it all the more readable without burning out your eye sockets in the dark.

Unfortunately for the people testing it, however, this build did come with a number of different bugs that showed up while they were snooping. Hopefully this is exactly the reason that the build hasn’t been released yet, and we’ll see if Microsoft succeeds in ironing out all the problems.

Are you guys part of the Windows 10 Insider Program?