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Major Windows 11 2022 update is already preparing for launch

According to a leaked script, Microsoft is seemingly preparing to complete the final build of Windows 11’s first major update, due out later this year.

This upcoming update will be the first major refresh of Windows 11 since its initial launch in 2021 and could include a highly requested Taskbar feature, as well as a number of other refinements and bug fixes.

The Start Menu pulled up on the Surface Pro 8.
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Code from a script stemming from an internal Insider build of the operating system highlights how the update will be “feature complete” as soon as by February 4. The script also mentions a “config complete” date of March 4, 2022.

As such, it seems likely that Microsoft will soon roll out the update, otherwise known as Windows 11 22H2 or Sun Valley 2, initially to members from its Insiders program.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 will be the operating system’s first major upgrade in terms of refinement, general optimization, and new features. It will also be the only significant Windows 11 update that will be released during 2022; Microsoft has opted for a single, annual update cycle for its latest operating system, as opposed to Windows 10’s biannual schedule.

The general consensus of when Sun Valley 2 is scheduled for a launch has been sometime during the summer. Judging by the supposed March 4 completion date for the final build, it seems that may still be the intended release period when factoring in a few months of testing.

As noted by NotebookCheck, after Microsoft releases the development build of 22H2 in March, the company will most likely commence work on Windows 11 22H3, codenamed Copper, through the Dev channel.

In terms of what sort of improvements Sun Valley 2 will bring to all Windows 11 users, it’s reported that it will introduce support for third-party widgets, as well as the oft-requested drag and drop feature returning to the Taskbar.

You can also expect enhancements pertaining to the user interface. We’ve already seen what to expect with recent preview builds in regard to design changes, including a redesigned Task Manager and some aesthetic adjustments to Notepad. Elsewhere, it’s looking likely that the Control Panel will be completely replaced by the new Settings app.

Apart from Sun Valley 2, Microsoft said it will predominantly work on Windows 11’s performance throughout 2022. In November 2021, it was revealed that the OS was installed on nearly 10% of PCs. That figure is set to grow considerably moving forward as more manufacturers integrate Windows 11 as the default operating system for the latest systems.

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