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Microsoft is working on new updates to make Windows 11 faster next year

There’s good news ahead for Windows 11 users, especially if the upgrade has left you with a sluggish system. Microsoft is promising that fixes and updates are on the way next year that will improve the performance of the operating system, which has received numerous complaints from Windows fans.

“Performance will be an area of focus for us in 2022,” Microsoft’s Windows developer team wrote in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) post as reported by TechRadar, noting that improving the responsiveness of Windows is a priority for the company. “A lot of that focus will go into startup/launch perf; in terms of UI elements rendering on the screen (after the framework is loaded), we’ve tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10k buttons on the screen, etc.”

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The keyboard tilted up on the Surface Pro 8.

In the same Reddit thread, one user complained about startup performance, the widely publicized File Explorer glitch, and other menu and language bar items that are slow when compared with Windows 10. Some of these complaints, however, are already being addressed by Microsoft. Though a public release isn’t available quite just yet, Microsoft is already testing some of the fixes in its latest Windows Insider preview build for the operating system.

Microsoft’s team advised users who have encountered issues and problems to provide the company with feedback to improve Windows 11.

“One way you could help us is to launch Feedback Hub and enter a performance-related problem,” the developer team wrote.

Though stuttering performance may be an embarrassing issue for Microsoft’s latest operating system, there are other issues affecting Windows 11 as well. Memory leaks, compatibility issues, lack of customization options, and a jarring look with old UI elements mixed with Windows 11’s latest experience round out some of the top complaints we’ve heard about the OS. Microsoft also made headlines ahead of Windows 11’s rollout with its decision to limit upgrade eligibility to newer hardware. If you’re on the fence about upgrading to Windows 11, provided your machine is compatible with the latest operating system, you’ll need to weigh your options at this time, especially given the performance-plaguing bugs still out there.

Microsoft isn’t the only company to face performance related criticism with its latest operating system release. Those who have upgraded to Apple’s latest MacOS Monterey have also reported sluggish performance that’s related to a bug that causes memory leaks.

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