Yahoo Profits Down Again

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedFor the sixth quarter in a row, Yahoo reported a fall in profits, with the second quarter coming in at $161 million, down by $3 million over last year.   The company has also lowered its fullyear income forecast by $200 million, blaming weak display ad sales. All this has led to a fall in Yahoo shares, which have declined by 30% since 2006, as Yahoo struggles to compete against Google.  But last month saw a new management team, under Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, take the reins, and Yang is hopeful that they can turn things around. Yahoo has already purchased the collegesports web site, and plans to overhaul the way it sells advertising in the US, integrating its display and web search advertising operations as part of a recovery strategy.   “Iintend to spend the next 100 days or so focused on mapping out a strategic plan,” Yang said. “I may not have the answers, as of today, but I have a pretty strong idea of where I want togo.”