Skip the trip to REI. You can 3D print this camping and backpacking gear at home

3d printed camping backpacking gear

It’s inevitable — somewhere along your journey, a piece of your outdoor gear is going to break. Sometimes its a buckle, sometimes it’s a zipper pull, and it always happens at the wrong time. Before you toss you out your backpack, tent, or camping chair, you should look to see if your broken part can be replaced using a 3D printer. If you’re looking to upgrade your backpacking or camping kit, there’s no shortage of 3D goodies for your GoPro, trekking poles, and more. Read on for some of our favorite 3D printable pieces of camping and backpacking gear.


replacement carabiner 3D print backpacking hiking camping
Don’t waste money buying overpriced carabiners at your local outdoors store — use this scalable 3D printing file to print your carabiner at the size that you need. Just don’t try to go rock climbing with these ones.

Folding Camping Stove Gas Tripods

3d printed camping backpacking gear replacement folding tripod gas can
Positioning a gas canister on an uneven surface can try your patience. Use one of these handy tripods to help stabilize your backcountry cook set. The one pictured is designed European D2 EN417 gas canisters. Alternatively, there’s also this one that fits two other sizes (90mm or 110mm)

Replacement Zipper Pulls

3d printed camping backpacking gear zipper pull
Using a paper clip and few M2x6 screws, you can have a fully functional zipper pull for your tent, sleeping bag or clothing. If you don’t have a paperclip handy, there’s also plenty of fully-3D-printable zipper pull designs out there, like the one pictured above.

Clip Buckles

3d printed camping backpacking gear buckle clip

The number one thing that breaks on most gear is the buckle. This 3D printable file will replace a standard side-release buckle and is compatible with 3/4 inch straps.

Folding Camp Chair Parts

3d printed camping backpacking gear tent stake

Plop down too hard into a camp chair, and you’ll know it. The base mounts that hold the legs and the front mounts that secure the seat are notoriously easy to snap. Thankfully, fabricating these parts is a cakewalk for even the cheapest 3D printers on the market.

Figure 9 Style Rope Tightener

figure 9 rope tightener 3D print backpacking hiking camping
Every tech-savvy camper should have this 3D printed figure 9 style rope tightener for their tarps or awnings. Seriously. These might seem dumb and unnecessary, but they’re super handy to have in your pack, and weigh practically nothing.

Sliding String Tensioner

string tensioner 3D 3D print backpacking hiking camping
These handy tensioners help you adjust the guy lines for your tent, tarp, or even your badminton net.

The Infamous Sporknife

replacement sporknife 3D print backpacking hiking camping
Need to bring along a spoon, fork, and knife on your next camping or backpacking trip? Then here is your ultimate 3D printed all-in-one utensil: The sporkinfe! Just make sure you print with a food-safe plastic filament if you intend on eating hot food with this sucker. We highly recommend Colorfabb’s awesome nGen filament.

Tent Stakes

3d printed camping backpacking gear tent stakes

Ever lose or break a tent stake while camping? Of course, you have. It happens to everyone! Next time you are short a stake, don’t run out to Walmart for replacements — download these files and print your own.

Trekking Pole Clips

replacement trekking pole clips 3D print backpacking hiking camping

Want to keep your trekking poles tidy and neat while storing them? Then print up a pair or two of these handy trekking pole clips.

Survival Bracelet

survival bracelet 3D 3D print backpacking hiking camping

Paracord can be a lifesaver when backpacking — it can replace a broken shoelace, be used to lash sticks for a shelter, and more. This printable clip set makes it easy to carry around some extra cordage.

Utility Survival Containers

survival container 3D print backpacking hiking camping

Keep your matches, medicine, and other small items safe and dry with these survival containers. Each lid is threaded to fit the various sizes of bottles that you can print.

Trekking Pole Tips

replacement trekking pole tip 3D print backpacking hiking camping

The rubber tips are the first thing to go on a pair of trekking poles. You take them off and lose them, or they fall off when hiking. Replacements are hard to find — you usually have to visit a sporting goods retailer like REI, or contact the manufacturer directly. Though they’re designed specifically for Leki poles, these tips can be modified to fit a variety of trekking poles.

GoPro Backpack and Trekking Pole Mounts

backpack mount go pro 3D print backpacking hiking camping
Do you GoPro your hikes and share them on YouTube? Then you should check out these instructions to print a backpack strap mount and a trekking pole selfie mount.

Tape Winder

 tape winder 3D print backpacking hiking camping

Duct tape is the go-to staple when you need to make an unexpected repair to your tarp, tent, or boots. Use this handy tape winder to store an emergency stash in your car or backpack, without the bulky roll.

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