Amazon Kindle Touch unveiling and hands-on photos

We managed to attend Amazon’s press conference live today in New York. At the event, CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the company’s new 7-inch Android tablet, the Kindle Fire, but he also unveiled a new line of E-Ink Kindles. The original keyboarded Kindle will continue to be sold, but Amazon will now sell a non-touch, non-keyboard Kindle and a Kindle Touch with an infrared touch sensor, which works pretty well. We weren’t allowed to use the e-reader ourselves, but we were able to hold it and snap some photos up close and get live demonstrations of the unit. We’ll have full impressions and some video up in the coming hours, but for now check out a few close up photos of working units and we’ve included a good portion of the presentation that Bezos made to unveil the new e-reader. Check it out. If you have any questions (and we actually know the answers), we’ll be happy to field them in the comments area.

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