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Amazon Takes Kindle Self-Publishing to the World

Woman with Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon is taking its Kindle vanity publishing operation global: Amazon‘s Digital Text Platform enables authors to upload and sell their own books via Amazon’s Kindle Store; however, the service was previously only available to authors in the United States selling books in English. Now, just as Amazon has taken its Kindle device to international markets with wireless service, the company it throwing open the Kindle Store’s virtual doors to authors around the world. Authors and publishers around the world will be able to upload and sell their books on the Kindle Store. The service is limited to books in English, French, and German, although Amazon plans to add support for additional languages in coming months.

“We are excited to make the self-service Kindle Digital Text Platform available to authors and publishers around the world,” said Amazon’s VP for Kindle Content Russ Grandinetti, in a statement. “Now any content owner can offer English, German or French-language books to the fast-growing audience of Kindle owners around the globe.”

The move may help Amazon expand the global appeal of the Kindle, and somewhat democratize the content available to owners of the device. The Digital Text Platforms enables authors to bring their work to audiences directly, without having to ink a deal with a publisher. Authors can upload their material in text-only, Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF format and get it listed for sale in the Amazon Kindle Store. Authors can set their own prices for their work; however, Amazon keeps 65 percent of the sale price, passing only 35 percent along to the author.

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