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Anura is a pocket-sized flying camera drone you can take with you wherever you go

Anura flying pocket drone
If you’ve ever wanted to fit a flying camera-equipped drone into your pocket so you can take it with you for the day, we won’t ask why – just know that Anura is a name you’ll want to remember.

The creation of AeriCam, a four-year-old company founded by a commercial photographer with a passion for remote-controlled flying devices, the Anura is a flying quadcopter that, when its wings are folded into the main body, is about the size of a thicker iPhone 6.

It connects with iOS and Android smartphones via Wi-Fi and has a built-in microcamera, which offers a live aerial view on the smartphone’s screen. The connected smartphone also serves as the remote control for the Anura.

The foldable, pocket-sized drone is set to debut on Kickstarter in mid-October, where it will be available for preorders. AeriCam’s website says the “aim” is for the Anura to be priced at under $200.

Jason Lam, founder of AeriCam, says his company will need at least 500 backers for its crowdfunding campaign in order to start production. He adds that the manufacturer has agreed to integrate add-on features, such as auto takeoff, auto land, return home and follow phone – if the Kickstarter campaign gets at least 1,000 backers.

The Anura, while notably tiny, is far from the first portable drone on the block. The PlexiDrone, a product of Toronto-based robotics startup DreamQii, is another flying quadcopter that fits into a backpack when disassembled. The bigger size comes with a more robust set of features, including the ability to draw a flight path, obstacle detection and swappable parts.

Before you buy a flying camera drone and take it for a flight, read about the legal implications first, lest you be charged with a felony.

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