The best drones we saw (and flew) at CES 2018

best drones ces 2018 uvify draco
Every year, drones seem to dominate more and more showfloor space at CES — and 2018 was no different. This year we saw drones of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. But what were our favorites? Glad you asked. Here’s a quick rundown of all the best drones at CES 2018.

Emerging Tech

How smart are you, really? A quick fMRI brain scan will tell you

A new study published in Nature suggests that not only is your brain activity about as unique as your fingerprint, but also reveals some pretty compelling evidence as to how smart you are.
Emerging Tech

The Forcite Alpine smart ski helmet is finally live on KickStarter for $800

The Forcite Alpine, the smart ski helmet we took a look at back in 2104, is finally up on Kickstarter in time for the ski season. It's still a 4k action cam, walkie-talkie, headlight, tracker and GPS inside one safety-certified helmet.
Emerging Tech

Amazing industrial 3D printer fits in a truck, can print an entire building in 24 hours

The new Apis Cor 3D printer is powerful enough to print a building in one day, yet small enough to be moved with minimal preparation and transportation costs.
Emerging Tech

This guy built an electromagnetic replica of Thor’s hammer that only he can lift

To make Mjolnir a reality, Sufficiently Advanced used a set of extremely powerful electromagnets, some batteries, and a fingerprint sensor built into the handle. Then he toured Venice Beach inviting challengers to lift it.
Emerging Tech

Google looking to test two new drone designs, likely for its Internet-for-all initiative

Google looks to be pushing ahead with its project to bring Internet connectivity to remote and underserved parts of the planet. The company has registered two new drone designs with the FAA, suggesting test flights could be just around the…
Emerging Tech

RoboCoach is a fitness-focused robot helping Singapore’s seniors stay fit

The robots are taking over, at least it might seem that way if you spend most of your time in fitness centers in Singapore. The city-state is now using RoboCoach – a fitness-focused android – to help its oldsters stay in shape.
Emerging Tech

DARPA wants to build cargo delivery vehicles that self destruct when the job’s done

DARAP recently announced its ICARUS project, an initiative dedicated to the development of air vehicles that disappear upon mission completion.
Emerging Tech

Elon Musk ‘has a design in mind’ for a vertical-takeoff, fully electric aircraft

Elon Musk is a busy guy, but if he weren't working at Tesla and SpaceX, the serial entrepreneur would be working on an all-electric aircraft and the Hyperloop. He said in an interview he had a design in mind for a vertical-takeoff aircraft.
Emerging Tech

Fully transparent solar cell could make every window in your house a power source

The first completely transparent solar cell could mean the future of solar power, turning every window and any clear material into a solar power source.
Emerging Tech

Brain4Cars analyzes driving behavior with AI to predict and prevent road accidents

A deep learning neural network analyzes video feeds, GPS information and vehicle reporting data in order to predict driver behaviors up to 3.5 seconds in advance.
Emerging Tech

Nike was just granted a key patent for 3D printed shoe technology

Nike has entered the 3D printing game, as the global leader in athletic shoes was just granted a patent for a 3D printing technology for shoe manufacturing.
Emerging Tech

New ‘lab in a needle’ device can perform diagnostic medical tests in minutes, not days

Researchers from the US and Singapore are developing a "lab in a needle" device that can both sample and process a routine lab test with instant results.
Emerging Tech

Anti-drone shoulder rifle lets police take control of UAVs with radio pulses

The new DroneDefender from Battelle is a rifle-mounted anti-drone security system that uses radio pulses to disable a hostile drone without destroying it.

August smart lock gets HomeKit compatibility and throws a video doorbell into the mix

August has a new version of its smart door lock available for preorder; it's compatible with HomeKit, so Siri can unlock your door. There's also a new video doorbell and a smart keypad.
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