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Cerevo’s recently-announced Tipron is the robotic cyclops of projectors

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There are some things in life, like Sphero’s much lauded BB-8 toy modeled after everyone’s favorite droid from The Force Awakens, that we definitely don’t need but actually really want. They quench our thirst for next-gen technology — and in the case of the previous example, our inner child — allowing us to revel in a product that’s not nearly as vital as it is luxurious. The recently-announced Cerevo Tipron isn’t quite one of these, but it comes close, once you get your head around the fact that it even exists to begin with.

Japanese manufacturer Cerevo has high hopes for the Internet-connected machine, however. It functions as a transformable smart projector that can automatically beam an 80-inch screen on your wall, and can do so at a distance of less than three meters away. When needed, it folds up and casually rolls about the floor on your command kind of like a Roomba, adhering to any manual directions you feed it via the companion app for Android. A simple press of a button triggers the projection mode, which extends the Tipron’s projection head and gives you quick access to angle and keystone changes.

The fact that the projector unit can adjust roll, pitch, and yaw is only secondary to what it can project. The Tipron can handle everything from individual video files to YouTube channels, with the ability to access Twitter, your calendar, the news, and a wealth of other content where and when you want it. The projector can also remember specific locations in your home, and return to them on its own using the embedded camera at its top. Then, it’s simply a matter of picking your content from a list of options housed within the app, which will likely expand with streaming services and other types of content as time goes on. An HDMI input just gives you a means to connect your video game console, PC, or other media device until then.

Other details remain scarce, however. Cerevo has yet to announce release details, though we do know it will arrive in the United States, Europe, and Japan at some point this spring, likely in April or May. The price tag? Well, that’s still anyone’s guess.

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