Corsair Shrinks Its Voyager Flash Drive

Joining Imation in the race to the tiniest flash drive, Corsair came out Thursday and announced its new Flash Voyager Mini drive, which takes the already tiny Voyager and subjects it to even more shrinking. The end result is a drive smaller and lighter, but still retaining the Voyager’s signature durability features.

Although Corsair doesn’t provide dimensions for the drive, the company claims it’s one third the size of a normal drive and weighs only 5.4 grams. Part of the size savings came from tucking the drive’s USB connector into its case with a retracting system that keeps the connector both out of the way and safe from harm when stowed in a pocket. An all-rubber housing also gives the drive resistance to severe temperature, moisture and physical abuse (in case you’re prone to taking out your frustration on your flash drives).

For the moment, the Voyager Mini only comes in 4GB capacity. It’s on sale immediately for $29.99 through Corsair distributors.

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