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Digital Trends Best of CES 2014 award finalists

When you have more than 3,200 exhibitors packed into 1.92 million square feet of sprawling convention space, picking “the best” of any one thing can be an overwhelming task. But that’s exactly the challenge Digital Trends’ expert editors took on as they tirelessly combed the show floor of CES 2014.

From staples like TVs and smartphones to the booming new market for fitness tech, we agonized over picking up to five products from every category to honor as finalists in the running for our Best of CES awards. And when the sun set down in the Nevada desert on day one of CES, we piled 18 cranky writers in an overstuffed meeting room and made them agree on the five most outstanding products across every category in the show, which will compete for Best in Show.

It wasn’t easy, but we distilled this year’s must-see products into one exclusive list – and it will only get more exclusive as we pick a single winner in every category on Wednesday evening. Who’s in the running? Check out the fierce competition, and make sure to check back for Digital Trends’ Best of CES award winners on Thursday.


Sports and fitness



Wearable tech



Home video

Home audio




Cool tech

Home (combined kitchen, smart home and appliances)

Best in show

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CES 2019 recap: All the trends, products, and gadgets you missed
CES 2019

With over 4,400 companies exhibiting new products and services, CES 2019 was a gadget lover’s paradise, and a window into the future of … well, everything. Anyone who described 2019 as “an off year” simply was unable to see the future in front of their face. Making sense of it requires a small army of the savviest analysts you’ll find anywhere, so Digital Trends writers and editors walked hundreds of miles and spoke with scores of companies. Along the way we were dazzled by laptops thin enough to disappear in a backpack, TVs that magically unroll from a box on command, and futuristic digital binoculars that made us wish for a 2019 remake of Rear Window. And we visited the metaverse. Yes, the metaverse.

Oddly enough, it was a fake burger that took our award for the top tech of CES. This is no mere recipe, of course, but food engineering and science at its finest. Impossible has loaded its next-gen burger with the iron-carrying molecule heme, which is part of what gives meat its distinctive flavor. It's also conspicuously absent in all the faux meat you've tried and hated. Impossible’s news is everything amazing about CES wrapped up in a bun, neatly underscoring the way that tech touches everything in our lives.

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Treat your furry friend with the best pet tech at CES 2019
best pet tech ces 2019 wagz smart door feat

People love their pets and CES was packed with technology to prove it. We saw gadgets galore for cats and dogs, from self-cleaning toilets to remote cameras. Some are genius, some may be slightly mad, but all are designed especially for your furry friends.
Pet Cube 2 ($180)
Simon Hill/Digital Trends

We're big fans of the original Pet Cube -- a camera for checking up on your cat or dog while you're out and about. Pet Cube 2 is smaller and features a refined design. You can see how your pet is doing by connecting remotely on your phone and you can talk to them and hear them thanks to the two way audio. The dog version also allows you to dispense treats, while the cat version has a built-in laser toy.
The Little Cat ($1,800)

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The best CES 2019 health gadgets combat stress, pain, and more
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Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but the health and wellness sector is a bit of minefield. It's not always easy to find the gadgets and services that are based on sound science, that can actually alleviate suffering and improve lives because there's a hefty chunk of snake oil out there. We scoured CES 2019 in search of the best health gadgets and, where possible, put them to the test. Here's what we found.
Touchpoint Basic ($160) for stress

The negative impact stress can have on our daily lives is well understood nowadays. Stress can be crippling, causing all kinds of physical symptoms, and often making people ill -- it's estimated that 1 million people call in sick every day because of stress. The Touchpoint Basic is two watch-sized wearables that emit haptic vibrations at three different intensities. Developed by neuropsychologist Amy Serin, the idea is that bi-lateral stimulation can reduce the physical effects of stress in just 30 seconds, slowing your heartbeat and getting rid of the butterflies in your stomach.
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