Disney Debuts Family Focused Web Site

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The Walt Disney Internet Group is rollout a new Web site targeted at parents and in particular the estimated more than 32 million moms that are online in the United States. Disney Family.com looks to bring together "content, search and community features" into one online resource for mom and dad.

Disney Family.com offers content which covers topics ranging from education, food and parenting, to advice on traveling with children, entertainment and shopping. A beta version of this Web site, available this week, looks to be loaded with material, according to Disney. These free offerings include articles from parenting experts, opinion pieces from parenting bloggers, a rated list of 1,000 family friendly Web sites called "Disney Family 1,000," and search tools relevant to family topics such as recipes and entertainment.

Disney Family.com also looks to want to offer detailed community features. Registered parents will be able to create profiles, comment and rate information on the site, chat with other parents and contribute to the ParentPedia, a wiki of parenting topics which combines parenting experiences with expert advice. Future community features will include online groups related to family topics.

“We expect Disney Family.com will take on the feel of a corner coffee shop, a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to enter where any number of relevant conversations are taking place,” said Emily Smith, vice president in charge of Disney Family.com development, in a statement. “And, because the community will ultimately decide whether content is relevant, we believe the site will remain on the leading edge in terms of helping parents with information and advice.”