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‘Fore! Beers please.’ Golfers in Japan will soon get drinks delivered by drone

This is what progress looks like. In what may be the most productive use of drone technology yet, Japanese firm Rakuten is toying with the notion of delivering refreshments to golfers while they’re on the course. Because sometimes, getting into your golf cart and getting off the green just to get a snack is too much to handle.

With this new concept, golfers will be able to place an order for anything from a drink to replacement golf balls using their smartphones and a companion app, and once the order has been confirmed, a quadcopter will make its way over to the awaiting athlete (pro or amateur, it really doesn’t matter), and make its delivery.

Sure, drones have been floated as a major player in the future of golf before (everything from capturing unique shots of the game to a new game altogether known as drone golf), but this really takes things to a whole new level.

For the time being it’s unclear which golf course will be the lucky test case for this new drone project, though we do know that it will be one of the greens located in eastern Tokyo near the University of Chiba. The relationship to the university is key given that a venture company associated with the institution has developed the flying machines, and will undoubtedly be carefully testing the drones for other, more ambitious projects in the future.

If all goes well, Rakuten hopes to take the drone delivery service to other golf courses and perhaps even other industries. Heck, why not have a drone deliver a bottle of water in the middle of a regatta? According to the e-commerce company’s president and CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten could soon be using drones to deliver various items to people’s backyards or to their balconies (because who has the time to go downstairs?).

Welcome to the 21st century, friends — where convenience really does reign supreme.

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