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There’s a tiny drone inside this prototype phone case

Bored with your phone case? Wish it did something more than just protect your phone in the event of an unfortunate mishap? The Drone-in-a-Phone is coming to brighten up your world by combining the convenience of a case with the current must-have tech product, the drone. It’s a concept from Buzz Technology, and although it doesn’t look like much at the moment, will apparently make it to Kickstarter later this year.

The tiny drone fits inside the case, and unfolds ready for tethered flight when removed, with the clever part being the camera used by it comes from the phone itself. Think of the whole concept like a modular phone case based around cameras, because Buzz Technology doesn’t stop at fixing a camera to a tiny drone.

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The case incorporates three camera modules taking standard, fisheye wide-angle, or macro shots, which can be attached to the drone or other accessories. These include a magnetic attachment to turn it into an action cam, an extendable built-in selfie stick, and a pair of sunglasses for Google Glass-style hands-free video recording and picture taking.

If you’re wondering about the tether, it’s this which makes the drone so small. It provides the power, a way to transfer images, and stops it from being blown away by a strong gust of wind. The company has made its prototypes using 3D printers, and is looking for investors and manufacturing partners to make the final product a reality. It’s hoping to have the Kickstarter campaign live after the summer.

Modular phones, and modular accessories for phones, are going to be big news on 2016, primarily thanks to LG, the G5, and all its Friends. The new smartphone works with a camera and an audio module now, but more are coming in the future, with LG wanting to work with designers and developers on new projects. Whether the Drone-in-a-Phone prototype becomes a real product we can buy remains to be seen.

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