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Engineer’s Show Off Multi-Channel MP3

The new file format adds a new sensation for those unfamiliar with surround sound enabled recording.

“It’s a bit disorienting: slip on a set of headphones, turn up the volume and, while you move about the room, the music stays put — as if coming out of five speakers stuck on a wall.”

Although the technology will not be out for some time, if you have a 5.1 soundcard and computer speaker setup, you can download the company’s software and listen to its effects. The MP3 Surround Evaluation Software 1.0 will also play your regular stereo MP3’s to ensure backwards compatibility.

The engineers showed off the new technology at the Midem music conference in France.

You can download the new evaluation software here. Make sure to click on the British/American flag in the upper left-hand corner of the site to change the text to English.

Source: CNN

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