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GE installs advanced sensors to monitor an active volcano

ge volcano public data eruption of the  etna in sicily italy
GE, the technological giant responsible for installing monitoring sensors in jet engines to help predict engine failure, is taking on a new task: using advanced sensors to monitor an active volcano. And the firm is sharing the entire expedition on social media via Facebook live videos, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The project is headed up by explorer Sam Cossman. Cossman is from Qwake, a company that marries world exploration and the latest in technology. He will be leading the team to Nicaragua where they will install the sensors to the live volcano in an effort to create an early warning system. Together with GE’s industrial internet software, Predix, Cossman and his team are looking to connect the natural world with the digital one.

The plan is for the collected data to be accessible in real time for anyone who wants to use it to develop monitoring applications. This open-source forum will allow people from across the globe to see and use the data and hopefully, create an advanced warning system for volcanic activity. The goal is to have a range of minds access the information to explore all the ways the data can be implemented to help people.

The expedition into the volcano began in early August and on August 10, Cossman’s team went down into the volcano to place the sensors. By broadcasting the entire experience, GE is hoping to reach a wider audience and share its passion for science and technology.

The first part of the process is the installation of the sensors. The next step, which will roll out in the next few months, will be uploading all the gathered information to Predix, and finally providing it to all the people interested in using it for application development. GE looks forward to seeing how the public will use this data.

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