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Google said to be considering historic LA aircraft hangar for office space

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Google’s dedicated team of real estate hunters is constantly on the lookout for new locations to call its own, whether it’s land for a new structure or existing buildings that currently stand empty.

The company that started out in 1998 in a Menlo Park garage now has more than 70 offices in 40 countries, with more workspaces on the way. Thinking about it, as long as there’s space for climbing walls, yurts, pool tables and pianos (and people), they could probably move into pretty much anywhere.

According to a report Tuesday, the latest location in the crosshairs of the Web giant is an enormous aircraft hangar where the famous all-wood Spruce Goose – the world’s largest airplane in its day – was constructed back in the 1940s. It’s also where Hollywood blockbusters such as Independence Day were shot, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Built in 1943 by the American business magnate and aerospace engineer (among many other things) Howard Hughes, other parts of the sprawling location have already been converted into office space for a bunch of tech and media firms, though the massive hangar, which is situated close to LA International Airport, is still waiting for an occupier.

Owned by real estate developer Ratkovich Company, Google is reportedly in early-stage discussions to lease the 300,000-square-feet location.

According to the Journal, the design of the hangar is somewhat unconventional, a factor certain to appeal to Google bigwigs. With two bays around 750-feet long and a ceiling more than seven stories high, filling the space could be a challenge. However, the company already has some experience with aircraft hangars, and you can bet there are plenty of talented architects and engineers out there more than happy to hand over designs in exchange for a large sum of money. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, across the pond in London, the Mountain View company is currently building its new European headquarters. The 330-meter-long ‘groundscraper,’ which should be ready by 2017, is set to include a games area, a rooftop swimming pool, a running track, and a climbing wall that extends between floors. Desks and computers will presumably also be part of the set-up.

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