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Google working with Warby Parker to create cool look for Glass, claims report

google glassGoogle Glass has been in the news quite a bit recently, with the unveiling of a new video showing off the high-tech device and the launch of a promotion to get the prototype into the hands of regular folk suggesting the project is gathering pace. Maybe we really will see them in stores early next year.

And now it seems that besides getting the specs’ technology in shape, the Mountain View company has started to turn its attention to making them look cool, too.

A New York Times report on Wednesday claims that Google has hooked up with Warby Parker, a maker of trendy eyewear that could be just the ticket for the web giant in its quest to add the ‘wow’ factor to its much-anticipated device – at least in terms of its physical look.

According to the Times’ source, Warby Parker is working with Google “to help it design more fashionable frames.” With no historical reports of company co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page showing interest in a career in eyewear design prior to creating the world’s largest Internet company, it makes perfect sense for Google to head outside of its own organization to strike a deal with a firm it believes is capable of delivering on the aesthetics front. Of course, Google knows full well – get the design wrong and no one will want to put Glass on their face.

Though the futuristic specs don’t have lenses, Google is said to be trying out various frame designs that also include sunglass or prescription lenses. Current Google Glass prototypes show a tiny device positioned in front of the wearer’s right eye which not only acts as a screen for the wearer, but also functions as a camera for shooting video and snaps.

Google recently launched a new website dedicated to Project Glass, part of which shows some new frame designs, though it’s not clear if these were arrived at as a result of its reported collaboration with Warby Parker, or even if this is how they’ll look on launch.

A new video showing off the specs also hit the web this week, as well as a special promotion offering anyone in the US over the age of 18 a unique chance to get their hands on the device as part of Google’s Glass Explorer Program.

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