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Whether you want a backpack or briefcase, the Hackpack on Kickstarter is for you

The World's Best Commuter-to-Office Bag || HACKPACK
You’re a versatile (wo)man of the world, so why should you be limited by something as simple as a bag? That appears to be the question that motivated the development of the Hackpack, heralded as the “world’s best commuter-to-office bag.” So in the same way that you change from tennis shoes to dress shoes from your commute to your office, you can change bags — or rather, your one bag’s function.

The Hackpack, in short, is a travel bag that easily converts into a backpack, briefcase, messenger, or sling depending on the situation. As an on-the-go professional, you should always be prepared, and the Hackpack is here to help you … hack it.

While you’re on the road and trying to get to work by way of a crowded subway or bus, you can wear the Hackpack as a backpack or sling. Once you’re in the office, seamlessly transition the bag into a briefcase or messenger. “It is important to look professional in the workplace,” the Hackpack team notes on its Kickstarter page. “Briefcases and laptop bags provide the necessary aesthetic for looking good in the office but are impractical once you leave. They lack storage, can be uncomfortable to travel with, and are clumsy when speed and efficiency are needed.”

Conversely, while backpacks and slings may be comfortable, they may not be formal enough for your workplace. But the Hackpack promises to be the best of both worlds and it’s lightweight and sleek to boot.

In briefcase mode, the Hackpack promises to “stand up on its own without flopping over like most soft briefcases.” Its handles slide away when you don’t need them, but are easy enough to grab and pull out when needed. As a messenger, the Hackpack comes with a padded over-the-shoulder strap that clips onto two metal jump rings.

When you’re ready to turn it into a backpack, a hidden pocket on the Hackpack’s back reveals two backpack straps that clip onto hidden jump rings on the bottom of the bag. If you crisscross those straps, the bag becomes pretty perfect for airport travel and it fits perfectly under the seat in front of you. If you want to wear the Hackpack as a sling, just use one of the backpack straps and connect it to the opposing jump ring.

There are also a number of organizational features like an expander zipper, laptop storage, laptop fastener, and hidden keychain clip that make the Hackpack all the more useful, no matter the situation.

You can pre-order a Hackpack on Kickstarter now for the early bird price of $90, with an expected delivery date of March.

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