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The biggest electronics show in the U.S. says no to hoverboards

Ben Larcey/Creative Commons
The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), scheduled to take place in Las Vegas the first week of January 2016, is the largest technology trade show in North America. It’s the place to go to see, touch, feel, and try out the latest and upcoming tech gear. So it came as a bit of a surprise (or maybe not) that next year’s event has banned the use of so called hoverboards, the slow-but-steady two-wheeled platforms that are all the rage this year.

While there might be plenty of innovative startup companies showing their coolest new hoverboards, or other wheeled transport devices at the show, they won’t be able to try and entice attendees to come check out their wares by zooming about the show floor. Nor will attendees be able to get around more quickly and split crowds by gliding down the aisles.

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The policy strictly forbids any segway-type devices, including uniwheels, skateboards, segways, and hoverboards. There are exceptions, of course, for people with disabilities. And the venue, the Las Vegas Convention Centre and the Sands at the Venetian Hotel, does offer rental scooters and wheelchairs for those in need.

Chances are that this was a policy all along for the venues – motorized vehicles aren’t usually permitted at indoor conventions, after all. But this eliminates any misconceptions that CES, being a technology show and all, might have been the exception.

It’s probably for the best, despite the irony. CES welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors over its four-day duration. And it’s typically shoulder-to-shoulder inside the halls. Show-goers have enough to contend with when it comes to irritating roller bags, oversized backpacks, and outright pushy people. So hoverboards? Well, that might be taking it a bit too far.

That said, hopefully attendees will be able to at least try out some cool devices, popped collars and all, in a controlled, outdoor environment. Inside the show, perhaps there will at least be some self-lacing shoes this time? Great Scott!

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