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Julie Desk is the AI system that wants to schedule all your meetings for you

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As important as we all (think we) are, we can’t all afford to have assistants scheduling our lives on our behalf. Not human assistants, at least. But thanks to the rise of the machine, your busy life might’ve just gotten a little more manageable. Meet Julie Desk, the artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that organizes your meetings. Because you already have to spend your time going to these things — at the very least, you shouldn’t be wasting your time scheduling them, right?

Launched in 2015, Julie Desk promises to simplify and humanize your relationships to technology (and other people) by automatically managing all the available information required to go about your day-to-day life. Thanks to her AI “brain,” Julie is able to plan and organize the events that take up precious time during your day. It can create or cancel events, and even send invitations to those involved. And thanks to its learning algorithm, Julie adapts itself to your habits, so the more you use Julie, the more familiar she’ll become with your scheduling preferences.

Moreover, the AI system’s natural language processing capabilities allow Julie to process and generate emails in a way that doesn’t sound so, well, robotic. And thanks to its machine smarts, Julie can learn about your commute times, your preferred meeting times and spots, and more, to ensure that you’re always scheduled for events when you want to be.

To use Julie Desk, simply copy in and the bot will jump into action. Once the AI has been looped into the email thread, it’ll take care of everything, from communicating with other meeting attendees, to scheduling, to picking a location. But don’t worry — you’ll always be kept in the loop.

So if you’re curious about what Julie Desk might be able to do for you, you can check out a free two-week trial at

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