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Kindle 3G with Special Offers now $139, sponsored by AT&T

Amazon Kindle with Special Offers has announced that its new Kindle 3G with Special Offers is now available for $139, down from $164 thanks to a sponsorship deal with AT&T. The Kindle 3G with Special Offers includes all the functionality of the $189 Kindle 3G—including free 3G wireless service in over 100 countries. The difference between the units comes in the form of special offers: owners will periodically receive offers and solicitations from Amazon and its partners, including sponsored screensavers Amazon is sure consumers will “want to see.”

“Kindle 3G is more convenient—customers never have to hunt for or pay for a Wi-Fi hotspot—they simply download and read books anytime, anywhere,” said Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, in a statement.

Special offers appear to readers in a small area running across the bottom of the unit’s home screen: they don’t appear within books or other content. They also appear as screensavers when the system goes to sleep—the E Ink display means the “screensaver” is visible even when the unit is powered off. Offers are from both Amazon and selected sponsors.

The WiFi-only edition of the Kindle is available for $114.

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