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Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update launches, brings Silk browser improvements

Mentioned two weeks ago by Amazon officials, the Internet company has started rolling out version 6.2.1 of the Kindle Fire software. Much of the user interface has been tweaked to become more responsive to screen tapping and navigation of content is much more fluid. The Silk browser is also smoother when moving through different Web pages and loading content. The update brings customization to the tablet allowing users to hide items that appear on the carousel as well as the ability to password protect Wi-Fi access. By using a password on the device, tablet owners can prevent other users from purchasing content while browsing movies, books or other media. To update your Kindle manually, connect to a Wi-Fi network and tap the Quick Settings icon in the upper right corner to find the “Sync” option. 

Amazon-Kindle-FireThis update also removes root privileges on tablets that have been rooted to replace the operating system with custom firmware as pointed out by Engadget. If a user is still using any Amazon software on a rooted tablet, they are susceptible to automatic updates when the device connects to any Wi-Fi network. Replacing the stock Amazon software with most forms of alternate software may void the warranty of the tablet and users are also likely to lose access to Amazon apps such as Amazon Instant Video and the Lending Library feature. However, many developers creating software for rooted versions of the tablet have found the Kindle Fire relatively friendly when it comes to application development. 

According to a recent press release from Amazon, the Kindle Fire has been flying off the shelves and the company has sold about one million tablets per week during December. Amazon has also extended an offer of free two-day shipping on all Kindle models until 8 p.m. Pacific time on Dec. 21. This will allow any Kindle to arrive by December 23 and procrastinating Christmas shoppers will have enough time to receive the Kindle model on Friday to wrap it before the holiday on Sunday. 

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