MusicGiants Goes HD with Microsoft

MusicGiants, a “HD Music” download service which reportedly delivers audio content with up to seven times the sound quality of other services, today said their music was now available through Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 10. This new content comes from reportedly the only “high definition” music store in the media player software.

MusicGiants’ content, said the company, uses Windows Media Audio Lossless to get the higher quality sound. Music is provided from the four major labels as well as a growing number of independents. To access the MusicGiants store, one clicks on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of WMP 10 and then selects the MusicGiants option.

“We are excited to make HD music purchases available to the more than 300 hundred million users of Windows Media Player 10,” said Scott Bahneman, CEO, MusicGiants, in a statement. “Our music is the best way to get the most out of your home audio investment.”

“MusicGiants is delivering the music as it was intended to be – no compression and no compromises — just a perfect copy of the original in glorious high-definition,” added Dave Fester general manager, Windows Digital Media at Microsoft Corp. “MusicGiants’ new hi-def music store now available in Windows Media Player 10 is the first and only store offering this quality of music to fans.”