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There are no jobs on Mars yet, but NASA’s recruiting posters are ready for you

nasa mars recruiting posters  farmers and teachers on 1200x799
Were you inspired when SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talked about establishing a cargo route between Earth and Mars? Have you always been in awe of the thought of living and working on another planet? Well, there are no real jobs yet, but NASA has a set of recruiting posters you can now download and print to keep the dream alive.

The posters for the Martian corps have been displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors’ Center since 2009. There are eight posters in all, and they’re all the same size, 30 inches wide by 48 inches high (if printed full size). Available in both .JPG and .TIFF format, you can download any or all. You can either print them yourself or take them to a commercial print shop. If you do decide to print posters, the NASA Reproduction Guidelines have more detail for the highest quality.

One of the NASA posters is a modern version of the 1917 Uncle Sam: “I Want You” recruiting poster for the U.S. Army and the “The Marines are looking for a few good men” recruiting slogan used by the U.S. Marine Corps on all recruiting materials  from 1971 to 1984. In the Mars poster that most closely resembles the earlier recruiting pieces, an astronaut points directly at the view with the caption “We Need You.”

P08-We-Need-You-NASA-Recruitment-Poster 600x960

Other posters are for teachers, surveyors, technicians,  night shift workers, explorers, and farmers, with short, glowing job descriptions for each. One of the most compelling is the poster that applies to all job categories with the caption: Some User Assembly Required. That description reads:

Assembly required to build our future on Mars and its moons. Are you someone who can put things together, solving challenges to ensure survival? Dare to forge our future with space-age tools — build spaceships to carry us to Mars and back, and habitats to protect us while we’re there.

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