Need to charge your devices in style? Do it with the Alldock 2015

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Your multitude of devices is meant to simplify your life, what with an Apple Watch that prevents you from having to check your iPhone which prevents you from having to lug around your laptop which, well, prevents you from handwriting letters to your business partners. But when your nightstand begins groaning under the weight of all your smart devices, the overall setup can start to feel really dumb, or at the very least, extremely cluttered.

Luckily, there’s yet another device for that — meet the Alldock 2015, “a universal charging station that can charge all your portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, the Apple Watch, MP3 players, gaming controllers, cameras and so on.”

Developed with the tech-savvy consumer in mind, the Alldock 2015, described as a “universal plug-n-charge USB docking station,” combines form and function in a beautiful wooden box. Using either walnut or bamboo that come from sustainable forests in China and New Zealand, the 2015 iteration of the Alldock is an improvement upon the original docking station released in 2013.

Now, the latest version of the Alldock “allows you to dock up to three devices with just one hand,” and you can easily “slip your smartphone or tablet into the Alldock without adjusting the cables underneath.” The cables, which are cleverly hidden inside the box’s compartment, can be arranged to suit your needs, and the slots in the top of the box allow various devices to rest comfortably without falling or slipping.

Better still, the Alldock promises efficient charging speeds, describing itself as the “racing car of docking stations.” According to its Kickstarter page, “It can charge up your phone to up to 80% of its capacity in under an hour,” and moreover, “you can charge up to four devices simultaneously without throttling the overall charging speed.”

With 43 days left to go in its campaign, Alldock 2015 has raised $4,248 from 30 backers, representing about 20 percent of its $22,728 goal. So if you want in on the game, you can be an early-bird adopter and get your own Alldock for around $131, and help bring this beautiful box to market. 

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