PopCatcher Teams With Kenwin On Products

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedThe PopCatcher system isn’t brand new. But the Swedish company has been making waves with the way it analyzes radio transmissions to distinguish betweenspeech, music and commercials to let consumers automatically download radio station programs they want.   At CES, Popcatcher announced that they’reteaming with Hong-Kong-based Kenwin Industrial to put its technology in the 2008 product line they’re producing for the European market.  "Kenwin’s reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, innovative audio products for the European market supports our growth plans," said Jakob Berg, CEO of PopCatcher. "Built on ourunprecedented success in Scandinavia, this new market outreach highlights a large consumer demand that makes radio not only significant, but a key component to music discovery."   Itemswill include a stand-alone iPod dock, mini Hi-Fi system with iPod dock and a kitchen radio. These products will be sold throughout Europe, initially in Germany and Scandinavia, followed by othermarkets.