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PopSockets wireless phone charger to debut at CES 2020 today

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is officially underway, and among the devices set to debut is a new wireless charger from PopSockets that will finally allow those with PopGrips on their phones to charge their devices wirelessly and quickly. 

According to TechCrunch, PopSockets plans to debut its PopPower Home wireless charger at CES today, January 7. The charger features a circular hole in the middle that allows you to place your phone with a PopGrip onto the charger and still have it touch the back of your phone to charge. 

The charger is already available on PopSockets’ website ahead of its CES debut and will set you back $60. Both Apple and Samsung phones are compatible with the charger — as are AirPods cases — and you can choose from three different colors: Matte white, mountainscape and cosmic cloud. According to TechCrunch, more colors and styles will be available later on this month.

The charger is able to work with phones that have phone cases up to 5mm thick. Other specs of the charger include up to 15-watt charging and a bedtime-friendly dimming LED light, a six-foot charging cable, and foreign object detection.

The PopPower Home will work with most of PopSockets’ standard PopGrips, except for ones made of metal and the PopGrip Mirror. The charger’s description also advises that PopSockets’ PopWallet products be removed before charging the phone, since exposure to wireless charging can  credit cards, causing them to not work.

Compared to other wireless phone chargers, the PopPower Home is slightly pricier, but it will allow you to quickly place your phone on the charging base without having to take your phone case off or remove the PopGrip. Like other wireless chargers, the PopPower Home isn’t technically fully wireless, since it still must be plugged into a wall outlet, but it does free you from your nightly plug-in.

Like other PopSockets’ products, you’ll also be able to find the PopPower Home on Amazon, reportedly as soon as February.

PopSockets will officially debut the PopPower Home during CES today, and if today is anything like yesterday, we can expect a lot more tech debuts and surprises. 

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