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Scan on the fly with the wireless Doxie Go scanner

Scanners tend to be cumbersome things that are generally connected to another peripheral like a printer or copier. Doxie aims to change all of that with their cordless Doxie Go scanner. 

The Go is surprisngly small at only 10.5-inches in length and 1.7-inches wide. It can take up to a regular size sheet of paper (8.5×12 aka A4 size). Otherwise, it can scan photos, receipts and even business cards. Gos do not connect with just any device, you do need sync them before use. What’s nice is that you can sync the device with a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad – though the iPad and iPhone sync do need a separate kit. When synced with an iPhone or iPad the Go uploads documents directly to the Photo roll on the device. Doxie claims that via iOS 5 uploaded documents will be added to the iCloud.

The device has an internal memory capable of remembering up to 600 pages (or 2400 photos) which can be saved to flash drives or SD cards. Doxie provides some software to view, sort and upload the various documents that you scan. 

Check out more info on the Doxie Go here.

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