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Use the Shift drone controller and fly with nothing but your thumb

Shift : The New Generation of Drone and Controller
Who said flying had to be hard? All you really need is your opposable thumb.

That is, if you’re looking to fly a drone, and with the Shift controller.

Branded as “the first user-centric drone with a revolutionary controller,” this quadcopter controller allows you to take to the skies with just one hand and your thumb as the main controller. You only need to hold the controller and don a special ring on your thumb in order to begin piloting in a “simple and intuitive way.”

Just think of your thumb as an extension of the Shift drone itself. The drone actually changes direction in response to your thumb’s movement, so if your thumb goes left, so too does Shift. Similarly, if you raise your thumb upwards, Shift gains altitude. And when you push your thumb forward, your drone will charge into the great unknown. Want to turn around? You’ll bring another finger into play — when you curl your index finger around your thumb, Shift will spin about.

Regardless of how large or small your finger is, you can find a Shift controller that suits your particular needs with three different ring sizes available. And don’t worry — you’re not just flying a drone for the sake of flying a drone. Shift actually comes with a 4K/13-megapixel camera with 90-degree tilt to capture footage of its journey.

With 20 days left to go in its campaign, the Shift has already raised over $60,000 from 164 backers. Right now, you can get a Shift controller and a minidrone for $89, which is considerably less than the retail price of $179. So if you’ve been looking for an easy way to take to the skies, you may just want to look into the options provided by Shift. After all, we can all use our thumbs, right?

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