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Bring skateboarding into the 21st century with Syrmo

It’s been a long time since Avril Lavigne sang about “sk8er bois,” and an even longer time since the world of skateboarding at large has seen any major innovations. Indeed, in its 50-year history, little has changed in the sport, as it remains seemingly untouched by the onset of the digital age. But now, all that is about to change with Syrmo, a smart pad that skateboarders can fit to their skateboard trucks to track their every movement and record tricks.

A product of a partnership between McCann Madrid and Syrmo, the Smart Pad features electronic sensors that feeds data to a companion smartphone app, allowing skaters to see their tricks and determine how best to determine their technique. Details regarding height, angles, air time, pop force, number of tricks per session, fails, learnings, and more are made available by way of the gadget. Skaters can even connect to the broader community by sharing their tricks and tips social media. By inviting others to analyze and improve their moves, challenging friends to beat records, and discovering new skateboarding parks and routes, Syrmo claims to be the biggest social network for skaters.

In order to show off Syrmo’s capabilities for the first time (and prove the usefulness of gadgetry in a sport that is all about the raw basics), McCann Madrid Syrmo organized “The Dark Side of Skateboarding,” the world’s first skateboarding competition held completely in the dark

Four professional skaters with night vision glasses competed in a skate park, with no illumination whatsoever, relying only upon the data from Syrmo to aid in their moves and the judging process. Thanks to the app, skaters were able to view in 3D all the tricks performed, and Syrmo itself ultimately served as the judge, relying upon information it collected to make a final decision.

So if you’re looking to bring your passion for skateboarding into the 21st century, you may consider starting with Syrmo.

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