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Slingbox Brings Television to You

Get ready to enjoy your television viewing experience anywhere you go – the Slingbox is coming to town.

Sling Media today announced the nationwide rollout of their Slingbox home media streaming device. Priced at $249.99, this subscription free device takes a single TV stream from devices like cable and satellite boxes and personal video recorders and redirects it (placeshifts, as Sling Media described it in a press release) over a home network to a Windows XP equipped desktop or laptop computer. When coupled with broadband, the Slingbox can also stream your television program over the Internet to a remote computer.

The Slingbox works by connecting to your TV source as well as your home network router. It is powered by a Texas Instruments processor and uses Microsoft Windows Media technology for the streaming. Software which runs on the receiving computer includes dynamic compression, virtual remote and docking viewer features.

The award-winning Slingbox, designed to fit inside a consumer’s existing television entertainment center setup, is being sold at Best Buy and CompUSA locations as well as the retailers’ websites.  For more information, check out Sling Media’s website.

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