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Converse with your cat like never before with this new 3D-printed talking collar

Who needs human companionship when you’ve got a cat, especially when that cat can talk? No, it’s not a brand new breed of feline — just technological innovation. Thanks to the the Temptations Catterbox, designed by London ad agency adam&eveDDB, you’ll now be able to have conversations with your cat. Or at least pretend to better than you could before.

This very necessary invention for cat lovers everywhere turns your cat’s purrs, meows, and whole repertoire of sounds into human speech (though accuracy is not guaranteed). By way of a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth, and some serious aesthetics in the form of a 3D-printed collar, Fluffy’s previously unintelligible messages will be “converted” into human speech. So the next time you talk to your cat, she’ll talk back.

“We’re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better,” Temptations’ global brand director Pete Simmons told AdWeek. The company, known best for its cat treats, is now taking its love for all things feline to a whole new level. Simmons continued, “Through research, we learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both — giving cats a voice for the very first time.”

Well, that’s not entirely true, of course — cats have always had a voice. We’re just attaching human language to them now.

“Cats are often perceived as quite hard to get to know, independent pets, so we set up The Tempations Lab to find innovative ways to inject even more fun into a cat and owner’s relationship,” said Richard Brim, adam&eveDDB executive creative director. The responses your cat gives you by way of the Catterbox are about as sassy as you’d expect from your spirited pet, and the fact that they’re delivered with a British accent certainly makes them all the better. So if you’re looking to communicate with your cat like never before, check out the whole suite of conversation topics you could breach with Catterbox.

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