The entire history of radio in one simple infographic


In this day and age, we take the amazing technology we have for granted. Not only that, we take it for granted that technology is, and will continue to be, amazing. We can communicate with almost anyone in the world, in real-time. We can broadcast live video streams via our cell phones. We can do almost anything. And what we can’t do yet, we will almost certainly be able to do in the near future.

But not so long ago — 120 years, to be exact — a technology that now almost seems outdated didn’t even exist. We’re speaking, of course, of the radio. Since Nikola Tesla proposed in 1892 that radio waves could be used for telecommunication, the technology has transformed so drastically that a lot of what we now call “radio” functions nothing like its ancestors.

This intriguing evolution has been captured excellently by wireless hi-fi maker Sonos, in an exhaustive and informative infographic, which takes readers “from Tesla to”

Check it out below:


[Lead image via Suto Norbert Zsolt/Shutterstock]

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