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The guy who made the Millennium Falcon drone is back with a Tie Fighter version

Remember that guy who made a working replica of the Millennium Falcon with a quadcopter drone and some foam? As promised, he’s back with another badass Star Wars-inspired creation: a custom-built TIE Interceptor drone.

Designed by YouTuber and aerial videography boss Oliver C, the guts of the drone are basically identical to those used in the Millennium Falcon. The base drone is a “Prophecy 335″ — a quadcopter of Oliver’s own design, built from the ground up using off-the-shelf parts. To give it the dagger-like imperial aesthetic that the TIE Interceptor is known for, he made a custom “skin” out of lightweight foam that fits snugly onto the drone’s chassis.

RC Tie Interceptor - The empire strikes back

And the coolest part? Oliver has posted DIY instructions for all of his creations online, so with a few hunks of foam and some basic tools, you can totally build one of these badboys on your own.

Weekend project = found.

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