Enjoy a drone’s-eye view of the world with TravelByDrone’s stunning videos

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Videographers the world over are increasingly laying out cash on drones to help them capture the kind of awesome footage that until recently they could only have dreamed about getting – unless they had a helicopter parked in the yard, that is.

With the technology still in its infancy, and many filmmakers still in the process of honing their flying skills, some of the videos appearing online can be a little shoddy, but things are changing fast.

Keen to sort the wheat from the chaff, and make it easier for armchair travelers to enjoy some of the best drone-shot videos on the Web today, Switzerland-based drone enthusiast Jan Hiersemenzel recently took it upon himself to create TravelByDrone, a website that “gives you the chance to discover the world from the perspective of drones.”

The site features a world map dotted with pins, each one representing a YouTube video shot using a camera-equipped drone. The one embedded below, for example, shows some incredible footage of Osaka Castle in Japan.

Anyone who’s made such a video and would like to see it included on the map is invited to send it in for consideration, and with new shoots being added every day, the collection is building fast.

“For a share request to be validated, the video needs to be taken by a drone (not of a drone), be of good quality and clearly show the area in which the drone flies,” the site explains,” TravelByDrone says on its site. “A video will not be accepted if it is taken indoors, is from a military drone or is of promotional nature (promoting a product or has a political, religious or other personal message).”

If you’ve yet to see the kind of awesome results a camera strapped onto a quadcopter can produce, head across to TravelByDrone, pick any location and click on the pin. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

[Skift via TNW]

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