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TieFi turns Dad’s necktie into a short-range Wi-Fi hotspot

Canadian advertising agency Grip Limited has just introduced the world to the perfect Father’s Day gift: a tie that moonlights as a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to get kids to stick around.

Yes, it’s comical and weird, but in TieFi’s promotional video, Grip Limited really yanks at your heart strings, featuring interviews with dads who just want to spend more face-to-face time with their uber-connected, screen-addicted kids. In the video, dads discuss how many electronic devices their kids own and that the most popular means of communication with them is often text message.

So when asked what they really wanted for Father’s Day, of course they expressed their desire for quality time. So Grip Limited decided to do something about the disconnect between dads and their kids.

The company combined a mini wireless router, open-source software, a host access point and a man’s necktie to create a way for children to get close to dad. And so was born the TieFi – the low-strength wearable hotspot that can only be accessed by users within a radius of 10 feet.TieFi

TieFi works by capturing your home’s Wi-Fi signal and re-routing it through a small transmitter that’s built in to the tie (to reduce the strength and range of the signal to just 10 feet).

Basically, the company just took the classic Father’s Day gift and re-purposed it for the digital age. Or they just figured out how to force your kids to spend time with you – either way, mission accomplished. This year dads will get to see their kids’ faces and kids will still get their Internet access.

You can download the instructions and code for your own TieFi on the  company’s website. Some hardware you’ll need includes: CanaKit WiFi, Edimax, Raspberry Pi 2 b+, USB Type A Extension M/F, External batter pack that can supply 5V and 1 amp, and an 8 gig Micro SD card.

Have yourself a Happy Father’s Day, and kids, try to look Dad in the eye a little more this year.

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