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Nicolette Emmino

Nicolette Emmino

Nicolette is a technology writer, but wishes the days of paperback books and print newspapers were still thriving. She’s a young new mom with an “old soul” and a knack for words. In her spare time (whatever that is) she gets in the occasional nap.

izzy swan drill powered walking machine drillpowered machine1

This guy built a walking chariot that’s powered by a 20-volt cordless drill

cool techhope for als patients eyecontrol communication glasses prototype5

Forget ice buckets — this device helps ALS patients by translating eye motion into speech

wind energy

Facebook’s upcoming Texas data center will be powered almost entirely by wind

unicef global innovations children youth summit kids using a tablet

Fuhu wants parents to watch every single move their kid makes with these smart-home kits

cool techphilips led farm change the food industry aid in world hunger philips 01

LED indoor farms could change the food industry, and help solve world hunger

the homtime c1pro is a bluetooth speaker plus alarm clock 02

This alarm clock automatically plays your favorite tunes to wake you up

cool techhigh tech features space case suitcase planet luggage

This space-age suitcase boasts GPS, biometric locks, and a built-in power bank

cool technemos garden growing vegetables under the sea nemos 9

There’s a vegetable garden off the coast of Italy, and it’s growing under the sea

japan airport workers super efficient robots 150706 0001

These awesome robotic exoskeletons help Japanese airport workers lift super-heavy loads

Luzi Smart Lamp is voice-activated and moonlights as a charger and organizer

bricasso lego printer prints blocks instead of ink

Totally rad LEGO printer can scan images and create pixellated mosaics with bricks

These ridiculously strong fridge magnets can hold nearly six pounds each

the t brush electric toothbrush has a long battery life tbrush 05

T.brush is an electric toothbrush with a cool design and long battery life

scientists develop device that splits water clean oxygen hydrogen 247 stanford

Stanford’s new water splitter pumps out clean hydrogen faster (and cheaper) than ever

Brush aside: The Loogun provides an easier way to clean dirty toilets

shelfpack luggage clothing shelf suitcase

Shelfpack transforms from a suitcase into a clothing shelf in just a few seconds

sneakers of the future change color design mobile app shift 1

Upcoming ‘Shift Sneakers’ will change color and design via a mobile app

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could change the color and design on your sneakers with just the click of a button?

Cosmo is glowing piece of architecture that doubles as a water purifier

Drawn will 3D print any customized furniture design you want

www digitaltrends comhomevintage vertical turntable raised 600000 kickstarter gramovox floating record fr scene6 lg copy

The Floating Record vertical turntable puts a different spin on your records

If you took your average record player and propped it up on its side, you'd end up with all sorts of problems, but vintage audio startup Gramovox has developed a new record player that circumvents these issues
www digitaltrends comhome3d printed knife molds hand cutting comfort nextgen san sebastian custom 3d

This 3D-printed knife is designed for chefs but customized for you

www digitaltrends comcool techu s department of defense soldiers flying hoverbikes hoverbike 02

The U.S. Army wants soldiers on hoverbikes, teams up with Aussie engineers

The U.S. Department of Defense has teamed up with U.K.-based company Malloy Aeronautics to develop a Hoverbike for military use.
slates calculator tells you if youre a gentrifier chicago neighborhood

Buying a house but unsure of the ‘hood? Airbnb lets you try before you buy

buro ole scheerens horizontal apartment building b  ro scheeren

Want to live in this apartment building that looks like it’s about to topple over?

Step inside Casa Jasmina, the smart home of the future that’s available for rent

www digitaltrends comcool techhappy fathers day dad tiefi wi fi hotspot

TieFi turns Dad’s necktie into a short-range Wi-Fi hotspot

The TieFi combines the classic Father's Day necktie with Internet access so that Dad's and kids can spend some face-to-face time together this year.
microalgae lamps can light your home and are edible algae lamp 01

Go green! These edible algae lamps could light your home


The Bartesian creates your cocktails with just the push of a button

smart bikini sun exposure tracking

Behold the high-tech bikini that can help prevent sunburns

www digitaltrends comcarsgm reuses chevrolet volt electric vehicle batteries gm repurposed

GM is powering its new data center with old Chevrolet Volt batteries

SwannCloud HD Plug & Play

Swann introduces two new DIY home security systems for different budgets

www digitaltrends comcomputingsonder keyboard customize computer keys sonder gif

Customize the keys on this E-Ink keyboard to look however you want

The Sonder keyboard feature E-ink displays so you can program any icons or symbols you want to make computing easier.
hank the beer tank portable keg

Ditch the beer cans: This portable keg serves up draft beers anywhere you go

Paper-thin origami battery folds up, generates energy from dirty water.

This foldable, paper-thin battery runs on dirty water, costs 5 cents

A Binghamton University engineer has developed a fold-up battery powered by bacteria. Total cost: just five cents.