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This alarm clock automatically plays your favorite tunes to wake you up

the homtime c1pro is a bluetooth speaker plus alarm clock 01
Yes, it does look a lot like a simple alarm clock, but the Homtime C1pro is making strides in its funding attempts on Kickstarter, so it must be a bit more than that.

The C1pro multi-functional, alarm-clock-looking gadget is the brainchild of a group of designers and manufacturers from Homtime who want to give the public a whole lot of tech in a small device. The gadget will (as you may have guessed) display the time, but it also offers up the room’s temperature.

There are a few more features that are making it so popular with backers. It acts as a charger, too, so you can charge your USB devices and you can also pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device to listen to music through its speakers without actually connecting it. The C1pro also has a microSD card slot, so you can hook it up to play preferred wake-up music.

Users can adjust the brightness on the screen to set the mood for bed time. A cool feature worth noting is the gadget’s rotary dial that allows for easy time-set capabilities (instead of having to hold down the button and then accidentally passing your desired wake-up time, causing you to re-start the entire process).

Homtime C1pro designers have been working on the device for about six months. “After 14 years creating successful innovative audio products for other companies, we are ready to establish our own brand with distributors and consumers,” said Dong Jin, product director for Hometime’s owner, Shanghai Funner, in a statement.

The company is calling the gadget a perfect “bedside companion,” since it’s compact and has great sound quality.

The company has raised $12,000 more than its initial $30,000 funding goal with 11 days remaining in the campaign. You can purchase a Homtime C1pro over on the company’s Kickstarter page for $34. The company predicts shipping in July of this year, if it reaches its stretch goal of $50,000.

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