Ditch the beer cans: This portable keg serves up draft beers anywhere you go

hank the beer tank portable keg

Summer is quickly approaching; traditionally that means lots of outdoor partying will be going on. Whether we’re at a BBQ, on the boat, or taking some car trips this year, one thing is certain: We’ll want to keep our brews cold for the festivities.

Thanks to Adam Koeppel and Sebastian Ehreiser, founders of the hardware beer-tech start-up company Hank the Beer Tank, we can actually pack up a keg and take it with us anywhere this summer. They picture it as a portable way for homebrewers to share their craft beers with friends on the go.

The portable, electric keg can fit right into the car and hold up to five gallons of liquid (about 55 twelve-ounce glasses). The machine operates on 110-240V AC or 12-24V DC, which means you can use it at home or by using your car’s 12-volt battery as a power source.

Hank is energy-efficient, too. The keg’s “smart flow” feature will shut him down before draining your car’s battery.

Don’t let Hank’s name fool you. The keg won’t limit the beverage chilling to just beer. Feel free to store some white wine or margaritas, if that’s more your style. You can keep whatever you want chilled and pressurized for weeks with Hank’s ventilating air fans and precision electronic thermostat, which ensures temperatures of 0 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The duo has been testing Hank’s abilities for the past 18 months at beer venues in Washington D.C. and Florida.

Want one for yourself? Hank the Beer Tank has just launched its campaign on Kickstarter so you can head over to the page and order your own for $699. If you can’t afford to dish out 700 big ones, take a trip to Washington D.C. and attend the launch party on June 20 for just $25.

Remember to drink responsibly. Cheers.