The Bartesian creates your cocktails with just the push of a button

“Run out to the liquor store and grab the tequila. Don’t forget the salt! Oh, wait maybe grab some limes too. Who’s picking up the mixers?” Forget all that – now you can pop in a pod and make a cocktail with ease. Spend your next happy hour with this new bartender. Bartesian is your first-ever capsule cocktail maker for mixed drinks in a flash.

Remember how simple it was to make a cup of coffee with your new Keurig? Same idea here. Bartesian whips up cocktails with just the push of a button, so you no longer need to pick up multiple ingredients; you just need to provide the liquor.

Co-founders and engineers Bryan Fedorak and Jason Neevel have launched the Bartesian cocktail machine on Kickstarter, with six mixed drinks to start off: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Bartesian Breeze, Zest Martini, Uptown Rocks, and Sex on the Beach. Each of the capsules contains a variety of fresh juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs, and bitters.

Here’s how it works: Pop your capsule into the machine and select your beverage strength (same as you would on your Keurig), the Bartesian mixes up your cocktail, and you get to enjoy.

Each of Bartesian’s four reservoirs is designated for a specific liquor: Gin, vodka, rum, and tequila, so make sure to fill up each one before you get your party started.

The mechanical bartender comes with a handy-dandy barcode system, so it can read each cocktail’s recipe and whip up the perfect drink to your liking. The interface is designed for simplicity as well.

Now Fedorak and Neevel are trying to get this baby into production (cue the Kickstarter campaign). Specifically, they need some help with tooling costs, metal stamping dies for the enclosures, silicon molds, and other typical production costs.

You can pre-order one today for $249, and get 12 capsules to start. Expected delivery isn’t until next April, but at least you know you’ll be the best host next summer.