T.brush is an electric toothbrush with a cool design and long battery life

the t brush electric toothbrush has a long battery life tbrush 05

Brushing is boring. Period. But it’s also very necessary. Electric toothbrushes that get into those hard-to-reach areas and spin on their own to simplify, and spice up, our brushing have been around a while now. The Dot Company is offering a new way to brush teeth with the T.brush electric toothbrush, but it isn’t exactly the same-old, same-old.

For starters, you can give your toothbrush a funky makeover with styles like neon, retro, and polka dot.

T.brush won’t die on you quite as fast, either. Its lithium polymer battery lasts 70 percent longer than others, up to two weeks, and it fully charges three times faster, according to the brush’s Kickstarter page.

Dot Company created the T.brush to accommodate travelers, too. It comes with a USB charging case, so you don’t need an adaptor if you’re going on a long trip abroad. When he went on Dragon’s Den, the U.K.’s version of Shark Tank, creator Ryan Donaghy said he thought traditional electric toothbrushes look too much like medical devices, so he made the T.brush more streamlined and hipper.

Ok, so the T. brush has a cool design, but does it actually do its job? The toothbrush employs and oscillate-and-rotate brushing method which removes 100 percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush, T.brush’s website claims. It comes equipped with a motor capable of delivering 9,000 rotations every minute and even offers five brushing modes (who knew there were so many?) and a two-minute timer.

To get your hands on a T.brush, you’ll need to shell out about $86 for the early bird price. Dot Company is hoping a two-pack of replacement heads will cost $15, and they’ll have a monthly subscription for $1.60, which they want to bring to the U.S. eventually.

If the T.brush reaches its nearly $275,000Kickstarter goal, the company could have the T.brushes shipped by December.