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Are new iPads set to debut at Apple’s education ‘Field Trip’ event?

Don’t forget your glue and scissors

Apple is gearing up for their annual spring thing, now set for March 27th, and while it appears the “Let’s Take a Field Trip”  event will be focused on education – it’s being held at a Chicago high school – there are rumors some new Apple hardware may also make it onto the bus. According to CNET, new or refreshed iPads may be revealed, but of course, it is all rumors at this point. Apple, as usual, has confirmed nothing.

But CNET says two new iPads could be revealed: a refresh of the base $329 iPad, and perhaps a new top-of-the-line iPad Pro called the iPad Pro X(“Ten”). Will the X model have an OLED screen and do away with the home button, just like the iPhone Ten?  Probably not, but it could get more horsepower, and maybe a Face ID system, although it’s more likely Face ID won’t appear on an iPad until later this year.

Also possible: A new or reworked Apple Pencil to go with the iPads, with perhaps a more kid-friendly design and a more intuitive “eraser” on the other end… for erasing stuff.

Data, data everywhere

Controversy continues to swirl around Facebook following revelations that political strategists at Cambridge Analytics used data from millions of users in ways Facebook says they didn’t intend.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly going to address the topic at a regularly scheduled Facebook meeting on Friday, but in the meantime, cries of “delete Facebook” and calls for investigations are dogging Zuck, the company, and the stock price. Even What’sApp co-founder Brian Acton tweeted out that “It is time: #deletefacebook.” Pretty strident for a guy whose company was purchased for $16 billion by Facebook.

But it’s just the latest blowback from high-profile technorati who have said that Facebook may be out of control – or at least is not controlling user’s data in a responsible manner. What do you think about Facebook’s latest crisis? Leave us a comment via our link to DT Daily on YouTube.

Making out like a bandit

Do you have a room full of bad paintings and worthless picture frames you found at garage sales in the hopes of finding that long-lost undiscovered copy of the Declaration of Independence? Yep, us too. But we’re giving up on yard sales after hearing the story of lucky UK resident Justin Whiting, who sent $10 through the interwebs for a vintage photo of a guy in a suit. You can guess the rest: It could be worth millions.

Why? Because it’s been confirmed to be a rare image of notorious outlaw Jesse James, and one of the very few of him as a teen, and an even smaller set of photos that shows his whole body. Whiting bought the photo, a “tin type” just over 2 by 3 inches in size, not knowing who the subject was, and then added it to his growing vintage photo collection. Sometime later, while researching the image, he figured out who it might be, and sent it to an expert for verification – and verify it he did.

Experts think it could be worth about $2 million, seeing how a similar image of Billy the Kid went for $2.3 million at auction in 2011. We’ll see you on ebay, where tin-type values just went way, way up…

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