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Dyne sits at the intersection of fashion and technology, creative director says

Today on DT Daily, host Greg Nibler sat down with Chris Bevans, the creative director at Dyne, to discuss how the luxury sportswear company is combining technology and clothing to connect with its customer base.

Dyne is a high-end men’s sportswear brand rooted in technology and sustainability. From the wicking materials its clothes are made from to the NFC chips that adorn the garments, Dyne is attempting to delve deeper into the technology side of things than most clothing companies.

“We’re finding it’s creating a bridge between our office, our ideas, and our customers around the world,” Bevans said. “Retail is the instrument we’re looking at to be our bridge and the NFC technology allows sales associates to scan the garments and learn more about the brand.”

Bevans went on to explain that technology doesn’t just have to be used to create the garments, but can help be incorporated into the garment itself and make the process of finding and purchasing the right product even easier. Not only that, NFC technology could also mean doing away with tags and creating less waste, which is always a good thing.

“Since Apple has joined the NFC community, we’re basically unloading information about the garment’s construction, pricing, look, things about the brand we want to share, and music. You can just scan it with your phone, and it’s on a web platform that we’ve built in part with Blue Byte.”

Having worked with the likes of athlete Marshawn Lynch and musician Sean John, Bevans admits there is more to brand building than just fashion design, and Dyne’s use of technology on the retail side of things proves that. Dyne not only had to consider the ability and security of the technology being used, but also the washing and durability of the chip before it could be utilized. Bevans believes that has been accomplished.

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