DT Daily: Apple iPhone 5 battery woes, tidal power rises, epic POV camera test

Today on DT Daily: Apple replaces bad batteries in iPhone 5’s – for free, catching a new wave in renewable energy, and an epic camera test.

If you own an Apple iPhone 5, you may have noticed your battery is giving out quicker than normal. Apple has noticed as well and is replacing the battery – for free – in certain iPhone 5 handsets.

They’ve set up a web page where users can input their phone’s serial number to see if their phone is eligible for the repair. If it qualifies, you can take it to an Apple store – or just send it in. Of course, this means you won’t have your phone for a while, so prepare for some tech withdrawal. Check out this link for more details and a link to the Apple website to check your phone.

As the world’s energy needs continue to increase, there’s been an emphasis on finding renewable sources of electricity, such as solar, wind and wave power. But it’s dark half of the time and sometimes there’s no wind, or the seas are calm – and that means no juice. But what can we always rely on? The tides. Each day, the world’s oceans rise and fall on a set schedule, and new projects around the world to harness tidal power are starting to gain support.

Most use underwater turbines that spin as the tide goes in and out, and the power is less cyclical than wave-generation systems, and there’s more energy to be harvested as well. Plus, with the entire system underwater, it’s pretty much invisible and it can scale up quickly. There are concerns about how the systems may harm sea life, but those problems are also being addressed as the technology develops.

Here at Digital Trends, we test a lot of cameras and other gear, but we have to give props to skydiving site Dropzone for their truly epic POV camera test. Tester Douglas Spotted Eagle, who also wins for the coolest name maybe ever, strapped no less than 17 cameras to his helmet – and then hopped out of an airplane. He also took the setup down a zipline and the waterproof models all went for an underwater adventure. The videos are practically psychedelic.

So what camera came out on top? Surprisingly, the ubiquitous GoPro Hero 3 came in second to the $300 Sony AS100, with the little $200 Replay XD Mini took third. But the real winner has to be that insane helmet setup.

Your host today is Holly Resnick.

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