DT Daily: Apple patches iCloud, Oculus Rift tryout, tiny, tiny football player

Today on DT Daily: Apple plugs a possible leak in iCloud, some mature folks try the Oculus Rift, and a Madden 15 glitch shrinks players. A lot.

A number of celebrities are outraged and the FBI is investigating after someone dumped a hard-drive’s worth of compromising photos onto 4chan over the Labort Day Weekend.

The hacker claims the photos were harvested from the celebs’ Apple iCloud accounts, but Apple said the service was not breached by hackers, who apparently were somehow able to suss out the star’s account passwords and login information. However, according to Engadget, some in the tech community allege a possible hole in Apple’s security system that allows endless tries at submitting a password may have been involved.

The tip was immediately put to the test by other tech sites, but apparently it has been fixed by Apple. Authorities also say that anyone looking to view the photos may also be opening up their online identifications for hackers to target, so consider yourself warned.

YouTube entertainers The Fine Brothers are famous for their videos of youngsters being flummoxed by old tech and the retirement crowd cursing the latest tech trends.

But sometimes, magic happens, such as when these folks who grew up with black-and-white TV put on the cutting-edge Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The Fine Brothers first let them peruse a VR village, and then upped the ante with a roller coaster ride, and some clips from a horror-based game. That was too much for some of them but overall, all of them expressed amazement and wonder at the still-nascent virtual reality technology.

If you’re a Madden 15 Ultimate Team player, you might be forgiven if one of your defensive linemen is a bit underweight. And a foot tall. Seems there’s a bug in the game that can make a player suddenly shrink to Alice-in-Wonderland size, and the results are hilarious. Even better: the player is still fully functional, giving new meaning to the phrase “shoelace tackle.” Looks at that take-down there! And he can even still give a high-five after a tiny tackle!

We’ve a got a link to the fan video here, so enjoy it because you know a patch is in the works to stop any future munchkin football fun.

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