DT Daily: Big OLED TV set for U.S., Google drives the Matrix, another round smartwatch

Today on DT Daily: LG is about to put its massive 77-inch OLED television on sale in America, there’s talk of Google testing its self-driving car inside The Matrix, and a not-too subtle hint LG has a circular smartwatch to show us very soon.

If you’re a fan of truly massive TV screens, then you’ll be happy to know LG is finally ready to put its huge, curved 77-inch OLED television on sale. We gave the gigantic screen our Best of CES award back in January, and we’ve been waiting to take out a second mortgage for one ever since. It’s up for pre-order in Korea this week, and it’ll be coming to North America and Europe very soon afterwards, but the company is still staying quiet on the price.

But it’s not really a question of how expensive it’ll be, but more about how many non-vital organs we’ll need to sell to get one. We should find out the final cost at the IFA technology show in Berlin next week, so start searching for backstreet doctors now.

Google’s self-driving car is already like something out of a science fiction film, but to make it even more futuristic, the company is testing them inside The Matrix.

According to a new report, Google has built a virtual copy of the entire California road network, and the self-driving car has racked up more than 4 million miles “driving” round on it. It’s not alone in there either: Google’s digital roads are filled with pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars, all presumably driven by an angry Agent Smith and his cohorts.

All this virtual mileage hasn’t brought Google closer to getting the car certified for use on the road, but the company is lobbying state officials to bend the rules so these virtual miles can be used as proof the car is ready for use in the real world. However, because the simulation hasn’t dealt with variable or extreme weather conditions, officials have so far refused to take the red pill.

The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch isn’t even on sale yet, but it may be about to get its first major competitor, at least that’s the hint we’re getting from LG. The company has released a 30-second teaser video for a forthcoming smartwatch with a circular face, promising to reveal all at the IFA tech show next month. In the world of smart watches, sharp corners are out, and round is in.

LG doesn’t give much else away, although we do get a brief glimpse of the device near the end of the video, whetting our appetite ahead of what’s shaping up to be an exciting show in Berlin at the beginning of September – and Digital Trends will be there, so stay tuned.

Your host today is Greg Nibler.

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