LG rounds out its smartwatch selection with a circular model to rival Motorola

lg will round motorola circular smartwatch watch

In a teaser video, LG has announced it’s ready to upgrade to the world of rounded smartwatches. LG will reveal a new, rounded Android Wear smartwatch at the upcoming IFA conference in Berlin to compete against a slew of other smartwatches looking to win over your wrist.

Earlier this summer we saw Android Wear launch with the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, two square-shaped smartwatches for Android users to pair their smartphones with. We’ve also since been teased with the Moto 360, a rounded Android Wear smartwatch, but still await its full release sometime in the next few weeks. LG has heard from the masses that square is out and round is in, so it looks like the company will release a round smartwatch just three months after launching its debut Android Wear device, the LG G Watch.

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The video, posted on YouTube, doesn’t give much of a look into just what this device will be. We’re pretty sure it will run Android Wear, but beyond that all we could catch was a look of an analog watchface for no more than a few seconds.

IFA will begin on Sept. 3 in Berlin, which is just over a week away. So far, LG and Asus will announce new wearables, and we already know the Note 4 will also make its debut. This all makes for one exciting season of gadgets on the way.